GLÖGG • Glögg extract for mulled wine • A taste of Scandinavia at home
Glögg offering you a product to prepare a wonderful mulled wine, which gives you a warm feeling as if you were in Scandinavia.
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Discover Our Products

One bottle of glögg extract with a bag of glögg mix.


A bottle of our glögg extract ready to mix with a bottle of red wine (75cl).


Special Offer! Buy a package of 9 Glögg Extract bottles (120ml) and get 1 Free Glögg Extract.


To Warm Up Your Winter Holiday Season

Unique holiday gift for employees, friends and family

Some Recipes…

The Swedes normally drink glögg together with pepparkakor (gingersnaps) or lussebullar (saffron buns). Both Pepparkakor and lussebullar could be purchased at Ikea. Some grocery stores also sell pepparkakor. If you are up for a challenge you can try to make it yourself. If you feel the temptation you can follow the below recipes.


Traditional Swedish Christmas buns with saffron, flavoured with saffron and often shaped into an ‘S’ and decorated with raisins.


Traditional spicy (ginger, clove, cinnamon and cardamom) Christmas cookies customarily cut in the shape of little men and women, pigs or hearts.

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